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Q- Do you help with domestic issues?

A-Yes. We aim to help those fleeing violent situations. 

Q-Do you help with hunger?

A- Yes. Twice a month we feel the local homeless. If you are not living on the street, but not able to have a meal, please contact us.

Q-Do you help with section 8?

A- While we cannot provide vouchers. We aim to help you through that process.

Q- Are you Government funded?

A-No. This foundation is privately funded. 

Q-Can I volunteer?

A-Absolutely. Please email us with a volunteer inquiry and we will send you an application. We cannot allow those with certain criminal backgrounds (due to Govt. laws.) to be volunteers so a background check is a must.

Q-I am homeless, can you help?

A-We are aiming to purchase a building and turn it into living quarters for those living on the street. If you are in an emergency situation, do call us and we can try our best to find accommodations. 

Q-I want to hurt myself. / I am depressed. / Someone is hurting me, can you help?

A-YES. If you are in a dangerous situation and you need immediate help, you should always call 911 then us. 

Q-I need counseling, can you help?

A- Yes, we have counselors on staff that specialize in all cases.

If you need help with something that is not listed, please contact us directly. If we cannot help, we will find a resource that can.


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